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Keeping diaries all her life, Cheryl reveals her Reiki entries as a journey to her soul. From the very first Reiki session to Reiki master teachings and classes taken at A Hand in Healing, Reiki Reflections contains the physical and emotional ups and downs from each experience. The soul-enriching lessons from both the Reiki client’s and practitioner’s point of view and the healing that occurred from each are shared here. Cheryl hopes each Reiki practitioner understands that every client has something to teach you.


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The Reiki journey is hard. You question why you signed up to do this work. The answer is, during just one Reiki session, you share your hope with healing, change their faith in themselves, or help them realize their connection to God, and that light may be what your client needs to propel them on their soul path! That is the divine working through you. And that is why! Blessings to you on your Reiki journey!


Reiki Reflections: Sharing the Light, Changing Hearts!

a book by Rev. Cheryl-Ann M. Case

164 Pages

Published by

Xlibris on September 27, 2016

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Self/Help / Stress Management
Body, Mind & Spirit / Healing / Energy (Qigong, Reiki, Polarity)